Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pumpkinhead Productions

March 2012
I would like to announce the launch of our new company—Pumkinhead Productions.
This new production company will print and sell my self-published works here in Illinois.
The first book: It’s Not Too Late! A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Fitness is available from my company, and later this month,
Price $11.50

A step by step, safe and effective approach to Baby Boomer or any age fitness. Learn the proper way to exercise without fear of injury. It's Not Too Late! A Baby Boomer's Guide to Fitness dispells exercise myths and helps you improve your sport and your everyday life.

The second book: Cahokia: Mystery of Monks Mound is another middle school aged adventure that takes place in Collinsville Illinois. Cahokia: Mystery of Monks Mound is only available through Pumpkinhead Productions by emailing me at or buy direct at:
Price: $10.36 for the month of March. Actual retail is $12.95 plus shipping.

It was 1917, and the best way from Chicago to Collinsville, Illinois, where Junior’s aunt lived, was by train. On the train, Junior meets a mysterious stranger named Hawk. A former Rough Rider, and archeologist, Hawk was on his way to Collinsville for a very different reason. He was going to the mound city of Cahokia. A thousand years before, Cahokia was the sight of one of the largest cities in the world. Once the home to as many as 20,000 Native American inhabitants, Cahokia’s fertile land and proximity to the Mississippi made it the most powerful city in North America. Hawk was there to dig for artifacts in and around Monks Mound—and, Junior soon learns, that his new friend was searching for something else. A fast moving action-adventure blending some legend and some fact, and a lot of fun, Cahokia: Mystery of Monks Mound tells the coming of age of a teenage city-boy thrown into a life or death western adventure.

Please visit our new website at:

And don’t forget, coming this Spring—
Robin and the Little Hoods.

Have a great Spring!
Robert Bresloff

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