Friday, March 23, 2012

Cahokia: Mystery of Monks Mound Gets First Review

Cahokia: Mystery of Monks Mound got its first review this week on the Creve Coeur Patch website that serves the St Louis are near Cahokia. Here's the link and the review by writer and owner of All on the Same Page book store Robin Tidwell:

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“It was 1917, and the best way from Chicago to Collinsville, Illinois, where Junior’s aunt lived, was by train. On the train, Junior meets a mysterious stranger named Hawk. A former Rough Rider, and archeologist, Hawk was on his way to Collinsville for a very different reason. He was going to the mound city of Cahokia.”

Well-written with realistic, believeable dialogue, this book is a fantastic read! While the plot is somewhat similar to an Indiana Jones storyline, the fact that is takes place in a location well-known to St. Louisans makes this comparison forgivable.

There is conflict and, yes, mystery, as Junior – a city boy – and Hawk, the outdoorsman fight to save the Mounds while coming to terms with their own personal idiosyncrasies. Archeology, Indians, magic, drama – this book will definitely hold the attention of everyone from kids to adults; a real page-turner!

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